An introduction to ErosBook.io

What is ErosBook.io?

ErosBook is a next generation escort directory platform which allows genuine clients to quickly connect with the trustworthy agencies and independent escorts.
ErosBook is the first escort directory to bring a genuinely live search and rating system. When you search for escorts in your area you will receive live results of escorts available to book immediately. When you pick up an escort you can read other users experiences and ratings. When you meet an escort you can post your experience and help other users to know more details about the escort.

Important facts

ErosBook is a live escort directory which connects clients with escorts and agencies. We are not an escort agency, and like any escort directory, we don't manage, control, or employ any escorts. When you place a booking request it is forwarded to the companion/agency who decide whether to accept the booking. Once a booking is accepted the client and companion/agency are given direct contact with each other, and the booking is then strictly between both parties. ErosBook is not privy to the details of what happens during a booking nor responsible for the behaviour or conduct of the client, companion or agency.

ErosBook for Clients

Clients can contact an escort or agency to make a booking in a few simple clicks.
  • Using a genuinely live search clients see real time results, showing exactly which escorts are available, with simple sort and filter tools to quickly find who they are looking for.
  • Ratings, scores, and comments give the clients an informed choice, with reliable information and detailed service reviews they can trust.
  • User-led photo and age verification removes heavily photoshopped images and highlights those which are accurate, and allows escorts to verify their real.
  • A rating and review system allows clients to share their experience and contribute to the community after their date is complete.
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ErosBook for Companions

Companions can create and publish a profile in seconds.
  • Escorts are in total control of their pictures and profile. Setting the services and rates they offer, adding their personal contact and payment methods.
  • In-app management tools help escorts stay organized, punctual, and offer high levels of professionalism.
  • In-app experiences management give the option to report false reviews and keep track of the companion's profile.
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